By placing an order, you (client/agent) agree that the property is ready for photos by the requested date of service. The following terms and conditions apply to all orders placed on


All photography and videography taken by Premier Lister, LLC and any affiliates are owned & copyrighted by PremierLister, LLC.

Photos/Media are licensed up to 1 year for use by you (client/agent) to sell /rent the subject property or until the property sells/rents. Photos/Media may be used in print such as marketing brochures & post cards for the purpose to list the property to sell, or any other media specific to you (client/agent). Photos used in publications such as magazines (print/online) must be accompanied with the following “Photo Credit: Premier Lister, LLC”

Photos/Media are not to be resold at any time.

Short term rentals hosted on sites such as ARBNB & VRBO are licensed indefinitely.

Premier Lister, LLC may use photos/media for marketing purposes or to resell at any time unless prior written agreement has been made.



If the photographer cannot adequately photograph your listing upon arrival due to reasons beyond our control (such as, but not limited to access to the home, condition of the property, other workers at the property, unrestrained animals etc.) you (agent/client) will be charged the FULL FEE for service. Please ensure home preparation is complete prior to our arrival.

You (client/agent) accept and understand there is a $50 service charge for all orders cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment. All cancellations after close of business (5pm Monday through Friday) for appointments scheduled the following day are considered within the 24 hours cancellation policy and subject to a $50 service charge.

Ex: Appointment is scheduled for Twilight photos on Wednesday at 6:00pm, agent notified Premier Lister on Tuesday at 5:30pm (after hours) would be considered within 24 hour cancellation time frame and subject to a $50 service charge.



Payment of your entire invoice is due upon receiving deliverables from the completed service. Payment is considered Past Due after (10) days of receiving the invoice and deliverables and subject to a $25 Late Fee and will incur an addition $25 Late Fee for each additional (5) days the invoice goes unpaid there after.


Weather Policy

Rescheduling exceptions are made due to weather conditions. We will photograph in most conditions rain or shine as long as our equipment is not at risk, you (client/agent) will have the option to reschedule due to weather conditions and not be subject to a cancellation/rescheduling fee if you choose to do so.  You (client/agent) are responsible for notifying Premier Lister of your decision to reschedule due to weather prior to our photographer arriving to the property for service. Please note with our extensive post production editing we provide full sky replacements and will deliver bright blue skies regardless of the conditions on the day of the appointment.


Having to return to the property

You (client/agent) accept and understand there is a $25 service charge for having to return to the property where the fault was not our own. This includes, but is not limited to: wrong/no key in lockbox, gate/alarm code not given or you (client/agent) couldn’t make the scheduled appointment for access etc.


Distance Charges

We service a majority of the valley. However, we do incur further expense for properties outside our coverage area. To offset the additional expense we assess an additional trip charge for those properties outside our coverage area. By submitting the order you agree to pay the trip charge according to our Coverage Area rate chart click here.


Marketing Materials

Premier Lister, LLC marketing materials are subject to change at any time without further notice. Premier Lister, LLC will make revisions to marketing materials received by the agent within the initial 7 days of the completion of services. You (client/agent) could incur additional charges if requesting revisions at a later date including, but not limited to: Price change on print/web media marketing materials, MLS Status on marketing materials, changes to Property Details on marketing materials etc.

Print Materials

PremierLister, LLC marketing materials intended for print use including Flyer, Postcards etc. will be delivered in the following formats .jpg unless otherwise requested.

Web Media

PremierLister, LLC web media intended for web use including Single Property Website, are designed for use in the MLS and not guaranteed to work in third party programs.

Matterport Links

PremierLister, LLC Matterport links intended for web use including in the MLS and not guaranteed to work in third party programs. Matterport links are licensed and live for 1 year following completion of service or until the subject property sells or rents.


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